The Artist

Pattie Murray Ceramic Artist: Pottery Handmade Just for You

Pattie Murray is a Brisbane-based ceramic artist who works from her home studio in Eatons Hill. Prior to following her life-long passion of working with clay, Pattie worked and travelled as a travel agent, before completing her Diploma of Visual Arts, where she majored in ceramics and printmaking.

I am passionate about handmade objects, as they have a uniqueness and individuality that mass produced products lack. Each of my products is individually handmade through traditional methods of wheel-throwing or hand-building, meaning that each individual piece is different; no two are the same, just like each of us.

I enjoy using many different methods of decorating my pottery, including hand-drawing and painting, screen printing, etching, sgraffito and using Japanese tissue. I am always coming up with new work and new designs that I look forward to sharing with you.

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